Customer service

Warranty, post-warranty service and maintenance

We own dealer contracts for warranty service and maintenance of the supplied equipment and provide full-scope maintenance and repair services:

  • Warranty service and equipment repair of any complexity
  • Diagnostics and comprehensive pre-sale and pre-installation testing
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Equipment repair and maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance outsourcing

Our customer service specialists receive professional training at the world's leading OEMs' training centers and possess international certification. Their high qualification and competency allow us to successfully service numerous sites all over Russia and perform startups for other suppliers' equipment.

We own dealer contracts for warranty servicing of the supplied equipment (Agilent Technologies customer service program).

Post-warranty service and maintenance

After the warranty for your equipment has expired, we suggest a maintenance or post-warranty service contract:

  • Maintenance: our specialists can perform any repair and maintenance work on your equipment, but in case of a serious failure, the cost of repair may be very high. Therefore, we recommend to use post-warranty service programs.
  • Post-warranty service: we can offer a service contract after the expiry of the warranty period. This contract is similar to a KASCO insurance policy. Under this contract, we will fix any malfunctioning of the equipment as if during a warranty term.

We have our own equipment and spare parts stock

15,000,000 RUB worth permanent stock of equipment and spare parts.

Your equipment works as long as we work

Using our customer service resources has a number of obvious advantages in terms of having an optimal technical and economic solution:

  • Cost optimization due to staff reduction (an in-house specialist's salary is incomparably higher than technical maintenance cost), no training and qualification maintenance costs
  • Comprehensive maintenance: equipment commissioning, professional diagnostics, installation and connection, maintenance and repair
  • Own spare parts stock for urgent part replacement
  • State-of-the-art technologies and tools from the world's leading manufacturers