Cary 630 FTIR

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Small size, unmatched efficiency, versatility, easy and convenient operation make them suitable for regular use with high stability application requirements.



Multiple accessory options enable easy operation and high quality results for any type of analysis.

They fully incorporate the specifics of the Cary 630 FTIR. E.g., the innovative design of the DialPath  and TumblIR accessories maintains easy operation characteristic of ATR, and the sensitivity of devices with special liquid transmission cuvettes. Special sample accessories provide superior productivity in field conditions.

Easy and convenient operation minimizes operator errors and increases result reliability. The control software for Cary 630 with a sample accessory  has button-controlled interface displaying the methodology in use. In combination with the sample accessory recognition and automatic self-diagnostics functions, it secures uniform and correct measurements with the Cary 630 FTIR.

Spectral range 350 cm-1-7000 cm-1
Spectral resolution <2 cm-1
Slit width Fixed, 1.5 nm
Interferometer                 25-mm self-aligning Michaelson interferometer, 45°, flexible mechanical connection
Wavenumber accuracy

0.05 cm-1 at NIST 1921 measurement

Wavenumber reproducibility

0,005 cm-1 at NIST 1921 measurement

Sample accessories

DialPath (optical path 30 to 250 um), TumblIR, diamond ATR, accessories for diffuse reflectance and transmission measurement

Power supply     110 to 240 V, 60 or 50 Hz
Housing Hermetically sealed, dried
Spectrometer interface USB 2.0
Dimensions 16 x 31 x 13 cm
Weight 3,8 kg

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Cary 630 FTIR